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Welcome to FaiBien(which means to do-good). With your generous help, we wish to bring just a little hope to an otherwise bleek region of Haiti. So much is needed in Haiti, but with your help, we hope to truly make a difference in the lives of those children who's been pretty much "left behind".  We build schools, offer skills and trade training, open a centers for orphaned youths, provide a community outreach Program that offers health education - shelter/soup kitchen - counseling/transitional homes, and have a fully functioning women's center. With your generous help we will accomplish a lot.


Few children in Haiti have the means to attend schools, because Haiti's educational system is that of a private educational system.  You must pay to attend school in Haiti, if you want your children to have a chance at some type of a future tomorrow.  Building community schools will provide greater access to educational programs and community assistance.

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It is also our wish to provide assistance to existing diminished school houses as well.  The existing school houses are in immediate need of structural repairs.  Their current conditions are unsafe and unacceptable for daily use.  Student materials are limited and post dated.  In order for the children to have adequate education, updated books and materials are also needed.


"Teach a man to fish, and he can feed his family"

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FaiBien provides necessary Job And Trade training to improve personal well being of others in the hopes that the skills they'll accumulate will be used to improve/impact their communities.  Computer Literacy and Training, Carpentry, and Trade Building Skills, Masonry and Plumbing are all part of the current training program.  We want to help those in need of assistance, in order that those who acquired the help are in in a better position to help themselves. 

                                                          501 (c)(3) Organization

Services We Provide: Build Schools, Provide Community Outreach Programs, Providing A Fully Functioning Women's Center, Education, Job & Trade Training, Computer Literacy, Provide Shelter/Soup Kitchen - Counseling/Transitional Homes And More.


There are several ways in which to contact FAIBIEN:

United States
Phone: 240-755-1513 • Email: faibiencorp7@yahoo.com
Mailing adress: P.O. Box 793 • Silver Spring, MD 20918

Phone: (011509)44291337 • Email: faibiencorp7@yahoo.com 
Mailing adress: Delma 33 Rue kawass Prolonge #75 port-au-prince, Haiti

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