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Educating, Inspiring and Motivating A Generation.

Faibien (which means to do-good) works to educate, feed, motivate and raise the environmental awareness in Haiti. We have developed a plan to set up Visual Learning Centers to help teach, feed and inspire the Haitian people. In order to do so we are in need of financial grant assistance. The idea is to reach different groups in Haiti by using visual educational methods in various parts of the country. Visual learning centers give the ability to reach mass population in rural areas that often have inadequate resources such as electricity and running water. This program also offers disaster preparedness and basic survival skills in the event of an emergency.

The ability to transform the heart and mind, comes from passion and dedication. Dragon D’eau through faibien will provide the Fuel needed to subsequently make real change in Haiti. We Know that Haiti can and will do better. It takes time and perseverance. Our Long-term plan is to have 10,000 Movie theater(visual Learning Centers) throughout Haiti to show Meaningful and educational substances from 9:00PM -06:00AM . We need your help to Make Haiti into the UTOPIA it needs to be . Faibien, has been under new Management and we are ready to do what it takes to thrust Haiti to the next great Future. Donate your own movie theater anywhere in Haiti(except Port-Au-Prince) For only $2500.00 We will get you an open concept movie theater or you may get things individually . Teaching and learning are the only way Haiti can reach this UTOPIA status.

You may contact Prof. Joseph in Haiti, or Mr. Lucky with your concern and comments. With any purchase you will get free copy of our book “Make Millions By Investing In The Development Of Third World Countries: Haiti.



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Full Movie theater $2599.00 with sustainable option.
Donate top generator only with shipping cost $899.00
donate top projector only with shipping cost :$1097.00
donate personal security Alarm system with shipping $25.00
Donate top screen: $100.00
Donate a new computer and speaker :$699.00




There are several ways in which to contact FAIBIEN:

United States
Phone: 240-755-1513 • Email: faibiencorp7@yahoo.com
Mailing adress: P.O. Box 793 • Silver Spring, MD 20918

Phone: (011509)44291337 • Email: faibiencorp7@yahoo.com 
Mailing adress: Delma 33 Rue kawass Prolonge #75 port-au-prince, Haiti

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