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Our School Mixte De Soeur Mompoint

Institute Mixte De Soeur Mompoint
Located in Pain De Sucre, Haiti

Growing up in pain de sucre clodette Mompoint did go to school until she was 9 years old, but that wasn’t all she had to travel 2 hours each way because the closet school to her was 2 hours away. In august of 2013 she travel back to pain de sucre and came to realization that kids are still traveling 2 hours a day to get to school. That trip gave birth to Institute Mixte de soeur Mompoint, at the start of the school year in October 2013 the school started in a church with 150 students.

We are anticipating for the 2014 school year that our numbers may double and even with our recent construction project we still need a lot of help.

  • We need help with offering a canteen service to the kids
  • We would like to provide them with uniform, and school supplies.
  • We need help with paying our current teachers but also hiring more teachers.

When you sponsor a child they will receive;

  • 1 square meal a day
  • Uniforms
  • School fees
You can also donate to our canteen program for all the student, the more money we raise will allow us to consistently feed all our students for the school year.



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Services We Provide: Build Schools, Provide Community Outreach Programs, Providing A Fully Functioning Women's Center, Education, Job & Trade Training, Computer Literacy, Provide Shelter/Soup Kitchen - Counseling/Transitional Homes And More.


There are several ways in which to contact FAIBIEN:

United States
Phone: 240-755-1513 • Email: faibiencorp7@yahoo.com
Mailing adress: P.O. Box 793 • Silver Spring, MD 20918

Phone: (011509)44291337 • Email: faibiencorp7@yahoo.com 
Mailing adress: Delma 33 Rue kawass Prolonge #75 port-au-prince, Haiti

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